Using Starhip Prompt


Given my programming indoctrination at the hands of Patrick and Mike I am convinced that Rust is a good idea regardless of my ability to program in it. Additionally I like the idea of dot files and prompts being more similar across platforms. I haven’t messed around with ansible scripts and repos that attempt to clone all of my settings to each new machine that I work on, but I have seen them in action. It looked like high level wizardry watching some of the DevOps guys work on their tools.

That being said, I have adopted Starship as my prompt on my machine. it looks pretty, appears to load on top of BASH, ZSH, or FISH just fine.

My favorite features so far have to bind the display of specific emoji characters to user defined battery levels.

Here is my current ~/.config/starship.toml

full_symbol = "🔋"
charging_symbol = "⚡️"
discharging_symbol = "💀"
disabled = false 

threshold = 20 
style = "bold red"

threshold = 40
style = "bold yellow"

disabled = false
format = "[ %T ]"

disabled = true

It looks neat…